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Our top of the range roof bar series comes fully assembled and is ready to fit your car straight from the box. No hassle, no tools and a perfect fit to your car be it a fixpoint, roof rails or standard roof. Locks are included for added security. The ReadyfFit system is available in a choice of steel or aluminium load bars.

Model Article number Preassembled EasyGo    


The Flex 2 system offers extra flexibility and covers most cars on the road, this is a pair of roof bars and pre-assembled foot units to match your vehicle. Most foot units include locks and when not, optional locks are available. Choose between steel or aluminium bars. The Flex 3 system comes in 3 parts which makes the system very flexible and a perfect fit on your car. The load bars are available in aluminium or steel, combined with a lockable foot unit and a fitting kit tailor made for your car

Model Article number Preassembled EasyGo