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An ever popular steel roof bar system that has sold over 4 million units worldwide. The Supra system is fully assembled and covers a huge range of vehicles due to the many fitting options available. All parts in contact with the body work are protection coated. Please check "what fits your car" to see if there is a Supra Bar for your vehicle.

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Flex 2 & 3

The Flex 2 system offers extra flexibility and covers most cars on the road, this is a pair of roof bars and pre-assembled foot units to match your vehicle. Most foot units include locks and when not, optional locks are available. Choose between steel or aluminium bars. The Flex 3 system comes in 3 parts which makes the system very flexible and a perfect fit on your car. The load bars are available in aluminium or steel, combined with a lockable foot unit and a fitting kit tailor made for your car

Model Article number Preassembled EasyGo